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G’day fellas, and welcome to Stringer Collective.

If you are reading this you likely have an interest in Harley’s, particularly custom ones! Well,you have come to the right place. Let me tell you a little about myself and how Stringer Collective has come about.

As a young fella growing up in Mandurah, Western Australia, my typical weekend involved riding BMX round town, through bush tracks, hitting the beach, or jumping off the local traffic bridge into the inlet. Motorbikes where never really something that interested me a great deal. As I hit my mid-20’s I had several mates hooning around on sports bikes, pulling off 200 kph wheelies, bragging about hitting 300 kph etc. I knew I had neither the skill nor the courage to take part. It wasn’t until my late 20’s that my love for Harley’s grew. My Uncle had a custom wide glide and every time he pulled up on it I could not take my eyes off it. The look of it and the sound of it made me want to have one.

My first bike was a 48 sporty and I loved it. I rode it out of class and was always worried I would get busted and lose my license altogether.

This kicked started the passion and after low balling for weeks, I picked up a 2003 Vrod. It was a total heap of junk! It needed mechanical and major cosmetic work and I had never done much of either. I thought the only way to learn was to start and so I did. After months of hard work in my garage, it was a different bike. It was all trial and error learning along the way. I customised and modified parts to suit, gave her a full custom paint job and completely changed the style of the bike.

Our latest project

Not long after that, I started an Instagram @stringer_rick to post a few pictures of my projects. The following grew quickly as I had begun to connect with other guys with the same passion. I started posting regularly about my project bikes, what I learned, and what I was working on. Overtime my Instagram has evolved and I have connected with some incredible suppliers from all around the world. It is these relationships that lead to the creation of

Stringer Collective. I wanted to create a central space for people to buy custom parts from all over the world.

My approach is simple – no bullshit. I don’t come from a sales background. I run a commercial lawn mowing business. I am not a qualified mechanic nor am I a spray painter but I have learned enough along the way and had a fair fucking crack at most of the shit you are likely to run into. I like to think I know what’s worthwhile, and what is not.

If you have read down this far you must be bored at work!

Let me leave you with this – I am here to promote the custom bike culture, grow a community, and continue my passion for turning something average into something incredible. I love what I do and I am wanting others to experience the joy of customising their own bike.

“My approach is simple – no bullshit.
I’m here to promote the custom bike culture, grow a community, and continue my passion for turning something average into something incredible.”

Rick Stringer


In our online store, you will see some products that have “No Bullshit Comments”. These are products that I have personally had experience with. If I think something is not 100% then I will tell you. I will let you know if it is a pain in the ass to fit or whether it could have been made better. 

Some products on offer are dirt cheap and will still be worthwhile to most where for others the comment may help you balance the cost versus the quality. I won’t have every part for every model as it is not a one-stop-shop for all your custom needs but I’m working on it (watch this space).

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