C/W "GT" Airbox Cover, Vrod NRS

Fits Harley V-Rod & Night Rod Special models.


ATTENTION! This airbox cover is delivered WITHOUT a replacement filter top. You will need our VROD flat filter top to set this up right.


$731.50 Inc GST

Availability: Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

No Bullshit Comments

I am amazed by these ABS products, fibreglass will soon be a thing of the past. They are simply perfect, no other way to put it. Any questions just ask. Rick Stringer

The C/W “GT” Airbox Cover is suitable for all Harley V-Rod & Night Rod Special models.

The speedometer was moved to the airbox cover. The entire speedometer unit including the decorative frame is inserted into the airbox cover from above and screwed on from the underside as originally. Metal holders are screwed into the front and back of the airbox cover so that the airbox cover can be mounted exactly like the original airbox cover! The metal holders are CNC lasered and powder-coated in black. The middle part of the airbox cover has been moved down so that the original light edges are retained. Thus the Airbox Cover looks more three-dimensional and much more massive. The airbox cover is much wider than the original, but also designed so that it does not protrude over the frame tubes and so that a complete turn is possible without the handlebars hitting the airbox cover!

Made of ABS plastic, milled on the most modern 5-axis CNC machining centers. Perfect surface, therefore very low painting costs and perfect fit! Made in Austria!


If this product says in stock then that means I have it on the shelf here in Australia ready to post, If it says back order then that means I have none on the shelf but some on the way. By purchasing a back order product you take the next available. Waiting for products to become in stock is not a good idea as the guys paying for back order will take what is ready and they may never be “In Stock” as such.

Any questions just ask.



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