CNC Bolt Cover Kit to fit VROD

64 PCE SET Available in chrome, solid black and contrast cut. 

$148.50 Inc GST

No Bullshit Comments

Our Absolute best seller. They look incredible and really finish off a bike. Consider them disposable. The reason I say that is they may get damaged if you need to remove them for maintenance ect, Some will pull off with your hand but the tight ones you are better off using a pair of pliers and carefully pulling them off. You will likely damage the cover but not the bike. Do not go at them with a screw driver or similar, it is not worth scratching up your bike for a $2.50 cover. The black anodise has a habit of discolouring over time, Only in high temp, High UV exposed areas. If you find you need a few new ones you can buy 10 pce replacement covers from $22 posted. Any questions just ask Rick Stringer
  • 64 piece set.
  • Black anodize and contrast cut, solid black or chrome available.
  • Aluminum material.
  • Spring-loaded.
  • The kit will cover majority of the visual areas on motor, gearbox, frame rails & swingarm pivot bushing bolts
  • Additional covers can be purchased directly through us.
  • Price includes shipping.

Pictures for reference only. 

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