H/S Mirror STEALTH -X2 with LED indicator

$269.50 Inc GST

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STEALTH -X2 LED indicator, black, E-approved

The characteristic stealth design known from military stealth technology distinguishes the shapely and high-qualityworked mirrors.
Combined with the colour matt black, the mirror head made of high-quality plastic with its angular elements has a striking appearance.
Thanks to the uselight materials, the STEALTH series belongs to the flyweight weight class.
An adjustable joint provides additional adjustment possibilities for the STEALTH -X2.

Character and overview – whether retro or modern The mirror series are characterized by characteristic design and aerodynamic function. That is prudence inPerfection.

Width head A: 119 mm
Height head B: 90 mm
Total width C: 175 mm
Total height D: 170 mm
Length of stem : 144 mm up to the bend, from the bend 44 mm up to the joint, then again 40mm to the threaded bolt.
Back hole: M8 x 1.25 mm
Adapter: M10 x 1.25 mm

Supply includes: 1 pair

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