K/C "Aggressor" Softail 2018+ CHIN SPOILER

Fits all Softail models 2018 and up

$687.50 Inc GST

Available on backorder

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Quality gear from one of the worlds best suppliers. Any questions just ask. Rick Stringer
K/C “Aggressor” Series Chin Spoiler is designed to cover that ugly radiator look. Also, this spoiler solves the problem as other spoilers in the market tend to block airflow to the voltage regulator which then overheats. Besides its functional design, the spoiler gives an aggressive and modern look to your New Softail model line. Fits perfectly on the bike as all the parts required for installation are included. Fits all Softail models 2018 and up.

  • Fits all Softail models 2018 and up
  • Will not fit Deluxe & Heritage models with OEM Fender
  • Please check Clearance before painting
Hand-laid Fiberglass (unpainted, black gel coat finish)

  • Bolt-On
  • Keeps Your Voltage Regulator Cool
  • Ready for primer and paint with minimal preparation
  • Badass Look
  • Strong
  • Straight and Light

  • Engine spoiler (unpainted)
  • “Honeycomb” style mesh (black gloss powder coated)
  • Suitable screws and brackets
Check Fitment Before Painting and Final Assembly

If this product says in stock then that means I have it on the shelf here in Australia ready to post, If it says back order then that means I have none on the shelf but some on the way. By purchasing a back order product you take the next available. Waiting for products to become in stock is not a good idea as the guys paying for back order will take what is ready and they may never be “In Stock” as such.

Any questions just ask.

Rick Stringer

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