SMT Billet Wheel Range

Hit us up with your details and dream wheel set up.


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Thinking of going full custom wheels? Stock wheel set up swapped out for SMT billet wheels can be done for around $3500. Big wheel set ups around $5400 -6K Tyres included. Wheels are made to order with 6-8 week lead time. Get your order underway now or hit me up and see if I have any available ready to go. Any questions Just ask. Rick Stringer

SMT is leading the pack in the custom forged billet motorcycle wheels industry. They offer everything from 32″ big wheels to 18×13 wide chopper wheels with a fit like a glove guarantee for almost any motorcycle, Harley, Yamaha, Indian, Victory, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda and so on. Whether it be custom builds to shaft drive metric bikes, you name it they can make it.



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